Saturday, August 23, 2008

the eucharist

I have been reviewing a series of lectures by former Presbyterian Minister Scott Hahn. While my chief concern of the moment is to consider the basis (or lack thereof) for a belief in Sola Scriptura, I'm also interested in other points that may be of interest. Yesterday I heard Hahn defending the Catholic notion of the Eucharist using quotations from the Church Fathers, but what was even more exciting was to hear him share his thoughts on how Scripture presupposes the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist. I had considered certain passages discussing the bread of life and the cup of blessing in places such as Paul's letters and John's gospel, but in addition to those words Hahn also pointed to a striking parallel to the liturgical structure of Passover and Jesus' words about certain cups. For example, when he said he would not drink of the fruit of the vine until doing so in His Kingdom (Mark 14), I had always assumed that this had some deep spiritual fulfillment (either in heaven or at the consummation of time). But in John 19 we read of His crucifixion and it's clear that He DID drink of the fruit of the vine while He was on the cross.
That little fact alone should have your interest piqued on the matter, and so I was about to come close to transcribing his arguments on the tape. Thanks to Google, I found an article of his that includes the substance of his arguments. I hope you take the time to consider these arguments here.

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