Sunday, August 3, 2008

blog round-up

I've gone through many url permutations through the years, and I just wanted to let you know why I still have multiple sites by describing each site of mine that happens to still exist.
1) The Mathoms This is my home base, where my various thoughts coalesce and crash with each other. Anything not particular to a focused thought will bounce its way here.

2) Contradictur I have only posted three times here, but I anticipate turning up the steam on this blog. My goal here is to evaluate early events in Church history, particularly the robber council of Ephesus in 449, and use them to shed light on how the Church should function today. I just updated it, and in thinking of its neglect I decided a good round-up may be of use.

3) Starvation Party This blog title's inspiration came to me during a recent visit to Richmond. It has no posts as of yet, but my goal is to channel my thoughts on war, politics, and justice here. Because those issues are so tricky, I have withheld writing thus far.

4) Tree on a Tree This is a blog dedicated to artistic endeavours of my children.

5) We Are The Deanes This is my family site, where I post infrequently. With that being said, it has full sanction by me, with grammatical/stylistic embellishments guaranteed to be performed by me even when I did not write a given post.

So if your RSS feed is lacking any of these five sites, you can now rectify the situation as you see fit.

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