Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Other remembrances of forgotten moments of clarity....

I recall that about this time of the year eight years ago when I was becoming Presbyterian that I didn't seem to know people who were ardent believers in Calvinism going towards being Arminian, whereas it seemed like everyone at the church I was visiting had been in my shoes-they belonged to nondenominational churches like Calvary Chapel and had been frustrated for various reasons, and upon studying they saw more depth of doctrine and history in the Presbyterian world.

I remember thinking of my particular hangups weakening under the light of this very human difference between the two schools of thought. I knew that if people who were older and wiser had left the Calvary Chapel scene but that vice versa didn't seem to happen, there was a good chance that in time I would see the light.

With the passage of time, another thought has slapped me in the face from the opposite slant. I have noticed that in my experience the people who are currently Protestants and were formerly Catholics were not deep in their studies and devotion as Catholics.

Conversely, my interactions with Catholic converts from Protestantism have been just the opposite. It seems like the people who convert are among the most devout of Protestants (Note that I didn't say they ARE the most devout, they are in the right boat, is all that I'm saying). Like Peter Kreeft and others, I would not say that Catholicism is appealing because of my hatred of Protestantism. Instead, much of my interest in the Church has come through trying to deepen of my love for God and his people as a Presbyterian.

It is no syllogistic notion that I'm peddling here in this brief thought. It's just a small consideration to put into my pipe and smoke. But I don't smoke pipes, especially not on a day like this when it's over 100 outside with humidity factored in.

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