Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally reporting on the Wii Fit....

Yes, it's true that I was running from store to store on the release day of the Wii Fit. This contraption was much touted as a great way to exercise and lose weight, while maintaining one's nerdiness by playing a video game.

So, two thoughts on the Wii Fit: first, there is the matter of how it performs as a way to encourage exercise. Being an inherently competitive person, I have been excited knowing that the game will instantly graph my time spent exercising, top scores, not to mention my weight. The balance and yoga games are quite sensitive to how one moves, and have encouraged me to develop my stretching ability. The strength and aerobics games can be cheated on in multiple ways, but at the end of the day that will show in one's conscience (and in the fact that one will not lose weight by such tomfoolery).

My second thought on the Wii Fit is more pragmatic. As the photo below shows, I have indeed made a down turn in my weight. However, this is more likely due to the fact that I have been sick and have seriously lowered my drinking of fermented beverages. Nonetheless, I am happy to report that it no longer calls me "obese". I am now in the proud category of being merely "overweight". I'm not sure if I'll ever get out of that realm, but the point is that I aim to lower my BMI substantially through more exercising, and less gluttony. Note that I say "less" gluttony, not "none"......well, I don't know if enjoying a good steak in Amarillo and a beer (or five) is gluttony, but the thought has passed my mind.....I jest, I jest.

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