Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama and "public" money-first impressions

So, as many stories on the web seem to indicate, there is more than a small amount of furor over Obama's refusal to accept "public" money.

As far as I understand, this means that there is an 85 million dollar pot of "public" funds that he is not accepting, with the trade off that he can end up raising higher amounts of money from "private" sources.

This article is one of many to point out that this is the first time a candidate has refused to take "public" money since this program was instituted after the Watergate scandal.

All I will say at this point is this: and Obama's the bad guy? I'd rather be upset about the nearly 40 years of the government telling me that part of my money needs to go to the funding of TV ads I will never watch or enjoy.

Now, I know that Obama is no conservative, and he wants to tell me what to do with my money in other arenas, but at least it's not going to annoying campaign ads (and hopefully it won't go to wars?).

McCain tried to use this as an opportunity of showing Obama contradicting himself, but seriously, is it that much of a tragedy that he'll be using 85 million less of our tax dollars? I hope I'm not alone here, but this just sounds like lunacy.

Like I said, it's my first impression, but it's the impression that I get.

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