Tuesday, May 20, 2008

poetry by jxd--a guest blog

My son handed me this poem about two weeks ago. I could be blind with paternal affection but I really like it for the simplicity of the metaphor. But let's not let my analysis ruin anything.

Here's a picture of the first draft:

Here are the words of the poem spelled correctly. He wants his growing audience to note the fact that the title rhymes with his name appended. Whenever I find the sequel, I'll be sure to post it as well.

tree on a tree: poem by jxd
once upon a time there was a boy
who saw a tree on a tree.
the boy climbed the tree on a tree,
it was so high that it reached the sky.
the boy was so scared that he fainted
he fell and he died.

*p.s. I've decided to let him post his writings on his own site. So bookmark www.treeonatree.blogspot.com today!

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