Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gentle reminders of my location.

The DC area often presents itself as the pinnacle of all that is haute. And perhaps that's not inaccurate, but the point is, it is truly in denial of its Southern roots. Now, one could argue that to be Southern is to be cultured, and that may be true in an ideal sense. But let's get back to terra firma in MMVIII, year of Our Lord.

So there I was sitting on the metro going to downtown DC yesterday, when what did I spy but this ad?

Ah yes, sweet tea and fried food for breakfast. That sounds more like the South than a bunch of lawyers in expensive suits looking down their noses on public transportation. We all know the real power players would be flown in, but for whatever reason everyone thinks they are everyone in this town. If only they'd read the writing on the wall, perhaps they'd be put back into their true place in this world. Of course, I'm not advocating actually purchasing anything from this establishment that should be disestablished, but you get my drift. And if you don't, kindly drift onto another site.

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