Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Governmental Overkill?

Much of my teaching and discussion of science involves work with computers. We share our data using programs such as Powerpoint (and Apple's superior but rarely used Keynote), projecting images using archaic overhead projectors or using projectors that attach to computers directly. That is all well and good as a concept, but the problem I have currently is that my lab meets in a room that barely holds the ~8 members in our section without getting a little too cozy for comfort. To make matters worse, the power cord for that projector is so small that it makes one need to place the projector in an awkward location; not centered and taut as can be, the power cord presents a tripping hazard for clumsy souls, who just so happen to be overrepresented in the scientific community.

Enter my plea for governmental intervention. I ask the IT people for an extension cord last Thursday, and find out they'd forgotten about it. I needed it for a presentation tomorrow morning and for a lecture tomorrow evening, so I was emphatic. They assured me there would be one for me when I picked it up. Well, it turns out I was stuck in another room so when I got back to my lab I stumbled upon this monstrosity that still makes me want to cry tears of laughter. I needed 5 or so extra feet, but this is what I got!!!!

Maybe my next Powerpoint presentation will be at a festival like Coachella!!!


mrs.deane said...

Perhaps it was in the spirit of April Fool's Day? Very funny.

contrarian 78 said...

No-this happens every day of the year. That is "the" extension cord style. Why have one that's convenient when you can have one that can handle any job?