Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

The world is viewed in too linear of a fashion at times; after all, it is a globe. Why not assume some things in this world are cycles? Lean years, fat years, make sure your fat ears are open if we are truly being destructive.

Then again, you tell me that our destruction is irreversible due to greenhouse gases, but if the world is full of more CO2 than before how would this not be more fuel for the fire of a tree's photosynthetic rate? Does an increase in CO2 do nothing to affect photosynthesis?

I'm asking sincerely, being not a skeptic but not a sheep on this issue.

The last time I checked, a greenhouse was for growing trees. How would greenhouse gases not turn the cycle back down towards less CO2 because of trees that reaped the benefit?

And what's going on in the realm of food rationing? There are too many questions, with even more answers (correct, incorrect, and just absolutely irrelevant).

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