Wednesday, February 27, 2008

in honor of the exiled eternal sunshine

This set of songs was based on putting my iTunes Browser on shuffle. Caveat lector: I did skip songs if it was a song I haven't heard because I had got it from friends.

1. Opening credits:"Claridade" – Madredeus This is a beautiful Portuguese song that would indeed make for a great opener. They may sound like drunken Spanish speakers, but maybe that's why I like them so much (Dom included)!

2. Waking up:"Secret Knowledge of Backroads" – Pavement I need that secret knowledge to make it in my field. Again, an apropos title. I don't know Pavement's obscure tracks well enough, but this is a great one.

3. First day of school:"Bbydhyonchord"- Aphex Twin A surreal track by a surreal man for an experience that is anything but ordinary to me.

4. Falling in love:"Add It Up" - Violent Femmes Oh the hilarity. I will say no more.

5. Fight song "Still Talking Shit"- Eazy E This is so hilarious. My 7th grade self would agree wholeheartedly with this selection as a fight song.

6. Breaking up:"Celia inside”- Cardigans The album Emmerdale is growing on me more every day. Happy to see this song come up--it's not exactly about breaking up, but it does have a forlorn feeling to it.

7. Prom "Reel Around the Fountain"- Fun People WOW. I don't like this cover of the first track from the first album by The Smiths particularly, but it as a prom song is magical.

8. Friends:"Street Spirit(Fade Out)"- Radiohead My player is clearly psychic. What is lasting in this world? What is fading out? Who knows......

9. Driving:"Cease"- Bad Religion Like Aaron, I got a Bad Religion song for this one--unlike him, I love straightforward rock for a drive. Right again, mr. itunes. Everything must cease-even traffic.

10. Flashback:"Where Did It Go"- Desmond Dekker "There was a song we used to sing." This song is not just a flashback, it's a nostalgic song about the greatness of our youth. Someone figure out what this computer smokes, and get me some!

11. Getting back together "Pick Up The Change"- Wilco Great song about wanting to be back together and love the way they used to. So perfect.

12. End credits:"Hairdresser On Fire"- Morrissey I think I'm going to burn a cd with songs in this order and hand it out. Astounding, I say. Within an hour the power could totally destroy me, or it could save my life.

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