Saturday, February 23, 2008

can anyone afford california?

if i think i can't, why is it that so many people are there?
sure, some of them are lawyers, corporate types, or celebrities who rake in money
by batting an eyelash, but surely you who read this entity are not in that category.

so why would i say that i can't afford california?

well, i know the answer, and this is mostly rhetorical....i want a yearly trip to europe. i want to have more than average panda bear's number of kids (think conejos, kids).....and when you put all of that together, the question is, are these wants more ridiculous than wanting to live in nice weather near familiar places?

and what is so bad about being ridiculous? if you are being ridiculed by a fool, you are actually better off than the one that fools dare to mock.

i need to be ridiculous, but the key is to be ridiculed by the right idiots at the right time. meanwhile, my research on richmond is interesting. Here's just one website on the matter.

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