Saturday, March 17, 2007

21st Century Emancipation Proclamations, Part One

Rueters, Fakehamshire, England

Hiram Smith was like most average Americans. Rather, until last year he was just like your neighbor down the street. This father of five who lived in Provo, Utah, was an avid golfer who loved to coach his children's sports teams. However, a shadow on one man's life grew to cause an alarming trend that has grown into the maelstrom which threatens an entire nation.

For Hiram Smith was last seen in Anaheim, California, where he entered a Planned Parenthood office and shot 12 people to death.

His subsequent apprehension by a mob that led to his death is all but a memory in the minds of Americans. Little would we know that this debate which once strode across Supreme Court and on the Mall of Washington DC would now lead to murmurings that there should be revolts against the "wicked Blue States".

More shocking was the revelation that his legacy is part of a growing movement that is by no means uncommon.

Unlike the abortion doctor killings of the 1980's and 1990's, which were almost unanimously condemned, Smith's death was cause for celebration among town halls and pulpits of red states, far and wide.

"Smith's courage to be brave and serve God's law in opposition to the godless laws of men has shown us that we have all been asleep at the wheel", commented Pastor Dudley Hibbes, of Creek Chapel Christian Church, which is located in Anaheim Hills, California.

This coexistence of pro-life and pro-choice individuals in the US has, like other parts of the world, been a cause of friction and debate. But it was not until these last few weeks has it been feared that the impasse might be irremediable.

Some have gone so far as to speculate that if abortions continue, sections of California and other blue states with more pro-life constituents may leave their homes and settle in with those of the red states, where abortion is more frequently condemned. Even more severe are calls of secession.

As a cautioning voice, Episcopalian minister the Right Reverend St. Francesca de District de Castro commented and said, "Let the hate mongering cease forevermore. We have seen that the laws of this land have decided in favor of choice. We are only acting in accord with the laws forever settled by Roe v. Wade. If you don't agree with abortion, don't have one."

The growing fear is that this sort of progressive argument will not always pacify those of pro-life interests. In the minds of the growing clamor for more reactionaries like Hiram Smith, it seems certain that the tides may change, whether those who are pro-choice choose to agree or not.

-----------Rueters is a fictional news source. Reuters is an actual news source, though some would prefer to view their reports as fictional.

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