Saturday, January 10, 2009

remembering father neuhaus

If you have never heard Father Richard John Neuhaus speak, please take the time to listen to him here.

At a symposium in honor of Francis Schaeffer he gave a talk on the nature of the Church. As the son of Lutheran pastor who was born in 1936 and later became a Lutheran pastor himself, he decided to become a Catholic in 1990. He was ordained a priest a year later, and served God's people in so many ways, with a great perspective on our faith, having been on both sides of the fence and having tried so hard to bring the two sides together. This week, on January 8, he entered eternity.

The talk addresses so many things that were helpful to me when I first listened to it about 2 years ago--why he became Catholic, how Catholics view those Christians who are Protestant and Eastern Orthodox, and how he longs to see unity.

Requiescat in pacem!

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