Saturday, January 17, 2009

quizzical quips

1) When John Lennon said, "Half of what I say is meaningless", does that include that phrase? In which case, is everything he say meaningless?

2) Has anyone else felt like this recent amazing crash landing has done more than instill a sense of admiration for the heroism of the pilot? I must admit, my first thought was, "Thank God! All of those meaningless talks about life preservers and cushions and the like are now redeemed!" I always thought those preview talks were just time killers during runway taxiing. I guess we were wrong, and I know at least 150 people who are glad we were wrong.

3) When you ride a bike, be sure to not be in a gear that is too high--you'll be too tired. On the flip side, make the gear too low and you're all revolutions and no motion. This is especially true if, like me, you have "strength issues".

4) On the subject of bike riding, I hate how when I'm riding on the street and there's a lot of traffic, I feel an incessant push and pull towards driving near the curb. Go near the curb and be terrified of all the glass and rubbish that may make for a flat tire. Go near the actual lane and you have cars swerving or slowing in annoyance. Implacable, I tell you. But it's necessary to avoid crashes. Ask these guys!!!

5) People without kids who complain about the noise that they make demonstrate a chief reason why they don't have kids-they can't handle the tumult of real life and so they create a sterile world that is really unreal.

6) The Pizza Port is an amazing place, but its name is so vacuous you'd be tempted to pass it by. But you'd be wrong....If you're in SoCal, don't ever make that mistake again.

7) Pity I'd never listened to the New Pornographers until recently. But the name, the scandal, (the ignorance and prejudice), the infamy!

That is all for now.

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the grigoryevs said...

strangely enough i was thinking the same thing about the floating seat cushions and inflatable slides. that's the first thing i said to art when he showed me the pictures-"huh, those things actually DO work." i too had my doubts about the point of all that pre-flight monotone muttering.