Thursday, March 5, 2009

"so what does it all mean?" (indeed)


Jonathan said...

hey jonathan,

i couldn't find a more appropriate place to write back so i suppose this will have to do! i don't want to be at odds with you, having never even met you, but a lot of your comments have been spiteful and unprovoked.

i'm sincerely sorry if there is some part of me that has offended you without my knowledge, and i hope that we can be reconciled.

i feel that you've chosen an inappropriate forum to assault mallory, me, and our love for each other. if you could refrain from airing your criticisms online and in places of joy and celebration, it would mean a lot to me.

i look forward to meeting you in person and i hope that our meeting will be on better terms.

i wish the very best for you, your wife, and your children,


ps. the belle and sebastien song was really cool, especially the harmony in the middle, thanks for showing that to me!

contrarian 78 said...

Hm, can you name one comment that is assaulting, spiteful, or critical? I really don't see things this way, and when I asked Mallory for substantiation I heard crickets, Belle and Sebastian, and silence.

Noting the mutual impropriety of commenting on unrelated blog posts,

contrarian 78 said...

p.s. e-mail me at themathoms(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested in actual dialogue that can be more free form than an ugly combox.

Maybe there I can find out more about your Dostoyevsky and Anderson preferences...

the grigoryevs said...

this video was disturbing on so many levels. "we live in an exponential society", indeed. freaky.

(sorry to be the one to comment on the actual post--i feel so out of context here :)

contrarian 78 said...

No thanks for commenting on the matter, or commenting at all. As for the eponymous commenter, I have not heard, seen, or smelt hide nor hair since that unfateful fateful day 10 days away-nor was my e-mail address utilized.

But, as you may surmise, I have given this topic thought and have let some of those thoughts air themselves on more recent posts here.

All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

Oh yes, and technology frightens me.