Thursday, February 26, 2009

Introducing Called to Communion:Reformation Meets Rome

I'm very happy, excited, and amazed to announce that yesterday a new website was born. It's one that I'm involved with in various ways-the one visible proof that you can see at the moment is a podcast interview. In the future I think the mathoms will have a more mathom-esque tone than it did in the past because of this new site-I'll be writing more essayish articles there, roaming about the comboxes, critiquing my co-authors work, etc.--here can be for, well, the rest of life. But I digress. We were talking about the new site.

Called to Communion is put together by 10 or so guys (we need a female contributor, methinks) who have a similar past, a similar present, and hopefully a similar future.

We have journeyed through life and have spent varying amounts of time in appreciation of the Reformation for its desire for being close to the Apostles and their teachings, and yet we have also come to see that many of the protests made by Protestants were not sufficient reasons to stay separated from the Roman Catholic Church. We look back fondly on our days as Reformed/Calvinist believers, and we want to show how that makes sense. Please take a visit from this site today--it's still in its infancy but there is already much to see-our common goal of Christian unity and mutual understanding is being sent from mere mental activity to communication. Also note that there are comment sections for the posts, etc. Well, you get the gist-enough of my blathering about.

Have a great day, as we journey towards Pascha/Easter.

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