Monday, March 24, 2008

JAD's Wedding Vows

Caveat lector: I wrote these words in about 20 minutes knowing they would either haunt me or bless me for a lifetime. In retrospect I think it was a success.


Dearest Susan
It is with inestimable joy that I come before you
And this audience
To publicly declare the vows of love
That express the countless reasons
Why I know that you and I
Were meant to spend our lives together.
I know that we have passed the past five years
Growing more in love with each other
And learning about how we are to live our lives
More in alignment with the only true love
Who sustains us every day.
With that love in mind,
I make this vow to you today
And every new day that is to come
To pour out my entire heart, soul, and mind,
To be your best friend,
Your Comfort in times of dire straits
And your lover
Regardless of what may come in our future.
With each morning that we shall face together,
I promise to anticipate each new dawn,
Where thankfully
I will be able to greet you,
My companion.
I am amazed by the beauty that you have shown me
A reflection of the beauty of a righteous heart,
Like our God and Saviour.
You cause me to long to be
A man who could love you
One thousandth as much
As you already love me.
And so this day
With no regrets, fear, or wavering,
I make this vow
To love you as long as God grants me breath and life.
Your love will outlive your mortality.
And your touch will always keep you in my memories.
Thank you for joining me this day,
My little girl.
I love you,
I would die for you,
But with more anticipation
I long to live for you.
From this day forth
And as long as I live
I am yours.

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